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Centre of Europe

Centre of Europe

Geographical center of the Europe of 15 (1995 - 2005)
To the left of the road that leads you from Oignies to Fumay is the symbol of European Unity, a star made of granite cobblestones. In the middle of this star is "The Cathedral of Light", a glass work by Bernard Tirtiaux. Each branch of the star represents a country and the length is proportional to the date of entry into the European Union.

source: www.Viroinval.be


This star made of granite pavers symbolizes European unity.
Granite is a stone made up of millions of crystals and particles that, after thousands of years, have been able to unite to create a stable, invulnerable element combining strength, weight and unity. The granite columns are almost all from the country represented.

  • 1958: Belgium - France - Italy - Germany - Luxembourg - Netherlands.
  • 1973: Great Britain - Denmark - Ireland.
  • 1981: Greece.
  • 1986: Spain - Portugal.
  • 1995: Sweden - Finland - Austria

(Source: presentation folder of the "Geographical Center of Europe of 15")